We make design work for your ideas.

Blue Pencil is a multi-disciplinary branding, typography design, web, editorial design and marketing agency for businesses that want to inspire trust and create meaningful connections.

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Consistency in communication is essential, your brand defines what your business is about: its values, its personality, its way of communicating. We make sure that your brand communicates what your organization is, in all the channels you use to market your business.


We select and harmoniously arrange your texts and images for your publications, according to their purpose. We take care of correctly transmitting the message and, at the same time, endow it with personality and creativity.


We design attractive and user-friendly websites, ensuring your customer finds exactly what they need, quickly. In this way, your website will appear well positioned in search engines and converting leads into brand ambassadors.


We develop marketing strategies that allow you to grow constantly in the different communication channels, approaching the correct target audience


Whether it’s for a logo, magazine cover, lettering poster or custom typeface, we make sure to capture the essence of your brand.